If your current CMS is difficult to use, ditch it

WordPress is, hands down, the easiest CMS for non-tech users to update their content with. There are many other reasons why I prefer WordPress, you can see them here:

Why WordPress

The Conversion Process

  • review

    We’ll go through your site and create a current site map as a reference so no page gets left behind! We’ll assess all current functionality and decide what tools we’ll use in WordPress to preserve the same user experience.

  • SEO

    Depending on your current platform, switching to WordPress might cause changes in your urls. HTML pages, for example, use .html extensions where WordPress does not. We’ll put proper 301 directs in place to prevent the move from affecting your search ranking.

  • build

    I code a custom, responsive, SEO optimized WordPress theme based on your current site’s design and add pages, plugins and content. From this point on, you will stop making updates to your current site as those changes will not be reflected in the new site. You have access to see the site come together on a staging server. I’ll also show you the basics of updating your site.

  • backup & launch

    After thorough testing and tweaking, you sign off on the site and I move it to it’s final home on your hosting provider’s server. If we are using the same server as the current site, I’ll backup and archive the old site, then replace it with the new one. Optional maintenance, SEO and support packages are available for the future health of your site.

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